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ESWA'S Underfloor Heating

The cables used by ESWA are manufactured by Nexans, the world’s largest cable manufacturer in an ISO9001 factory in Norway to stringent quality standards. ESWA uses the TXXP double insulated single conductor cable and the TXLP2R  range of twin conductor aluminium sheath cables where an earth sheath is required (bathrooms and swimming pools) or where a tougher cable is desired (e.g. car park ramps).

ESWA is able to assist in designing two different forms of underfloor heating, storage and direct acting.

Storage Underfloor Heating
Makes use of the cheap rate electricity available to everyone on the Economy 7, or other time of day tariffs, to provide a comfortable background temperature. In the winter periods it is possible to use the cheap rate electricity to provide a large percentage of the heat required. It uses a higher wattage cable in a 60-80mm screed, laid directly on to the concrete slab to give the maximum thermal mass around the cable, allowing as much heat to be stored in the slab as possible.

Storage floor heating is normally combined with ESWA ceiling heating to provide the quick reaction top up and to enable effective heating during cold spells in the warmer months of the year.

Underfloor storage heating is normally controlled by ESWA’s own proprietary weather compensating controller the E272 , which apportions the charge to the underfloor heating depending on the outside temperature and the user setting on the front of the controller.

Direct acting Underfloor Heating
Is well suited to modern low energy dwellings, particularly apartments, being efficient, space saving and controllable. It involves the use of lower wattage cables in a thinner screed with insulation in close proximity to the underside of the cable, ensuring a smaller thermal mass around the cables, which provides a quicker reaction time and enables it to be used as the sole means of heating.

Direct acting underfloor heating is normally controlled by ESWA’s range of electronic thermostats, enabling easy and efficient use of the heating by responding quickly to the ever changing thermal environment in the room. These can be either individually timed units or simpler dial units with a central two zone programmer.

Floor Foils
In buildings where there is no concrete slab it is still possible to enjoy the benefits of an underfloor heating system by using ESWA floor heating foils. These are manufactured in the same way, from the same materials as the ESWA Ceiling Heating elements, but at different wattages and sizes. They are normally laid on glass fibre insulation between the joists (at 600mm or 400mm centres) with an air gap between the elements and the underside of the wooden floor above. It is a very efficient system as there is very little thermal mass to heat up, giving quick reaction times and better control.